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MEN+MONSTERS Volume 1 Chat!

AUGUST 4th 2017

Ah, MEN+MONSTERS… The classic story of boy meets monster. Man meets monster. Man picks up wounded monster and nurses him back to health and they fall in love. Man fucks monster. Man fucks robot, monster, and monster’s new friends in an oddly romantic orgy. You know, one of those!

If you haven’t read one of my stories before, you’re in for a treat - But if you have, this is a short but satisfying little refresher on The Story So Far!

CAST (at the start of the story)

  • LEXINGTON AUROCH - ex-Captain of the Knights of Alanoc, now the reluctant Captain of the Royal Guard in Tarask. Oddly kind for a monster hunter, he searches for something more fulfilling and less violent than hunting creatures on behalf of his kingdom. Clad in all black with a silver sword in-hand and a neat beard on-face, Lex strikes an intimidating profile until he opens his mouth and starts talking about dicks in full force.
  • AKILAS - A Royal-Guard-issued automaton created fairly recently to be Lex’s partner. He acts as his foil, covering traits and abilities his human either lacks or does not possess. A grumpy sort, and quite by-the-book, as he is bound to uphold the law and protect Lex as stated in the Purpose programmed into him at creation.
  • SILAS - A wild monster, although not the feral kind borne from magic. He has a particular dislike for monster hunters, but is wise enough to forgive the one who is about to help him. Sarcastic and quite intelligent, Silas seems to have a fascination about humans and their relatively quaint lifestyle.


Silas, a wild monster has been struck by the arrow of a monster hunter - Lex, a monster hunter from the kingdom Tarask, decides to nurse him back to health. Akilas, his stern automaton companion, advises him against being too soft with him, as he could one day turn against them. Plus, it is illegal to have monsters in this very secluded human kingdom, and he worries they could be caught. Lex, a kind man, does not believe he is a threat, and Silas lives with them much to their mutual content. Weeks later, their relationship blossoms from polite respect to romance, and Akilas catches them fucking, and everybody screams lmao.

It turns out they make a great feral monster hunting team, despite the tension between Akilas and Silas. Lex and Silas manage to keep their relationship a secret by meeting while Silas is disguised. The Queen searches for Lex one day, and finds out that Silas is a monster by his telltale… tail. They are temporarily saved from lethal punishment by undertaking one last monster-hunting quest for a creature they have been unable to find until now. Akilas chastises them, and tensions rise.

Akilas and Lex fuck around at camp sometime later while en route to the monster’s cave (thanks to Silas’ general knowledge about monster whereabouts). Lex accidentally calls out for Silas as he finishes, prompting Akilas to accuse him of obsession. Lex says he just wants him to be safe, and so they continue on. Akilas is left wanting Silas to be back in the wilderness. Silas overhears their conversation but does not comment.

While walking underneath ruins, rain pours down on them. Silas flirts with Lex, and Akilas decides he has had enough - Silas doesn’t take kindly to his suggestion from last night that he should go back to the wilderness, and they fight. Lex breaks them up, and they continue to the monster’s cave.

After a misunderstanding that causes it to sound like Silas led them to their death at the monster’s hands, Akilas rushes to attack, getting smashed to pieces in the process. Lex is more pissed about having to repair him than his terrible attitude, probably because he has already gotten used to the latter. Silas turns into monster form and they defeat the monster, and Lex confesses that he loves this new form he has.

Lex declares that he never thought of Silas as a monster, and they make love. Apparently Akilas can survive with just his head, as Lex takes it with them, and says that the kingdom will think they are dead since they didn’t come back. Silas asks where they will go, and they decide to find some kind of monster-human kingdom where they’ll be accepted.


And it’s just what they find! Kind of. Outside Rathe, the monster town, Silas wonders if Lex is doing this for his own jollies or if he genuinely loves him. Lex manages to get flustered trying to describe how he feels about him, and Silas takes that as a satisfactory declaration of love of some kind for now. They repair Akilas, and Akilas has a newly built in cock that is overly sensitive due to being new.

In town, they decide to find a better occupation than ‘monster hunter’ as it would be very offensive to the locals. Kinver, a red dragon-type monster, and Dover, a lime green tentacle monster, observe them with curiosity (the former more with hostility). Kinver beats up Lex, Lex is turned on by him choking him, and later decides to reenact this with Akilas for funsies.

Akilas, Silas, and Lex have BDSM fun in the tub the next morning to resolve their differences, and it works because they open up to each other afterward. Silas talks about his former human household with his mistress and Xylia, a female monster ‘pet’; Akilas talks about how he was made and his Purpose to protect Lex and cover his personality deficiencies; and Lex talks about his former shapeshifter monster lover Ink who could turn into any kind of monster as they also hid their relationship from the humans in Alanoc.

Silas, aroused by Lex’s story, goes somewhere just outside town to pull his tail. Kinver finds him, as his large pizza-slice-shaped ears allow him super hearing, and they have a friendly tentacle-fun threesome with Dover there too. Lex and Akilas happen to walk by as they all come on each other, and Kinver gets pissed instantly that Silas is actually in a monster-human relationship with Lex, whom he clocked earlier. They all fight, and Akilas makes sure they escape - although not without a torso injury to Lex.

As couriers, they go make their first and only delivery - a heat crystal to a hot springs owned by Laiken, a water dragon monster. Lex is ready to fuck around in the hot springs, and Silas sees that his lube is actually a health potion, which he thinks is incredible in the most sarcastic way possible. They screw anyway, and Lex gets two huge monster cocks in his ass at the same time. Laiken jerks himself off to hearing them in his hot spring, and being a shy friend is totally ashamed afterward when Lex is about to leave the next day.

They return to Rathe (Monster Town). Kinver and a flash mob of monster people wait to beat the shit out of Lex just for being human, but Silas points out what a cowardly thing that is to do, so Kinver agrees to a one-on-one duel. Lex wins, and offers to turn the mob into an orgy, and in the end has to settle for bringing peace to the town instead, which Silas is proud of him for.

Akilas suddenly plays a message from the Queen, who has tracked them down via his internal tracker issued by the Royal Guard. The Queen is on her way to deliver justice for them evading the law.


Kinver daydreams about Akilas while getting sucked off at the local inn, and notices Dover is missing when no one inanely replies to his monologue. This worries him, as Dover is the only one who listens to his shit.

In town, they decide to find a better occupation than ‘monster hunter’ as it would be very offensive to the locals. Kinver, a red dragon-type monster, and Dover, a lime green tentacle monster, observe them with curiosity (the former more with hostility). Kinver beats up Lex, Lex is turned on by him choking him, and later decides to reenact this with Akilas for funsies.

Meanwhile, Lex and Silas are hanging out in their new house, and seem to get along great as friends. Lex goes to take a bath, and finds Dover in the bathroom - tentacle fun ensues! Afterward, Dover is immediately caught by the lizardman monster hunter Nelek (unnamed in the story) via a jar, which slime monsters can’t resist getting into. He takes him away, and mentions him being a consolation prize since he could not capture ‘the cat boy’. Meaning this is the same guy who tried to kill Silas in the beginning of Chapter 1.

Kinver is drinking away his worries when Silas and friends meet up with him again, and they learn that Dover has been missing. Silas agrees to help him, since they are nice people and are worried about his safety too, even if he is a stranger to them.

Lex reveals that he was with Dover the night before he went missing, and that it was, of course, for a sexy time in the bathroom. Kinver is grossed out by it, or maybe a little intrigued. While they walk in the forest, Kinver talks about how he and Dover found Rathe looking for a place where monsters will be accepted. Kinver had just been exiled from his kingdom, and Dover was a rescued monster ‘pet’ who was about to be sold to humans who may or may not have wanted to treat him well. Lex says they share a mutual goal, and Kinver agrees, apologizing for his past behavior.

Kinver also confesses his love for Akilas, and since they are all in good spirits, they all screw in the forest. They learn Akilas has a vibrating function, and even after they finish Akilas has no idea how to shut it off.

Meanwhile, the monster hunter has Dover, Laiken, and an unnamed monster in his house as hostages. The unnamed monster tells him he is not content being just an object of his fantasy, and the hunter replies that he (and his body) have no choice in the matter. Before things get too dark, Silas and friends save the day, freeing the monsters and charging to attack! ...Before they all get caught in a net trap right below them! Dover could have helped but was once again foiled by an open jar.

Silas fights the monster hunter as Lex screws Laiken in the net, which leads Dover to come back out and free them with the sword Lex dropped. Silas ties the monster hunter up in a most sexual way, and they all leave to return to Monster Town for a well-deserved orgy.

Lex remembers the threat from the Queen, and leaves the monsters to orgy away while he faces this threat alone. The Queen and her army are in town, and Lex tries to atone for his sins and spare the whole of Monster Town by turning himself in. Silas and Akilas sense something is amiss, and leave the orgy to go find Lex. When Kinver shows up, he reveals the Queen as Odessa, his former lover.

She thought he rejected her as she is human, but Kinver says he was kidnapped by people hoping to make money off of his hide. Odessa thanks them for reuniting her with him, and offers to let the law look the other way for Lex in exchange for him never returning again. They agree, and the orgy commences for real!

Silas is proud of Lex being so selfless, and realizes that he does actually want to do things for the greater good and not for himself. They make love amidst the steamy monster orgy, and everyone finishes on Dover at the end.

Afterward, Silas and Lex discuss their future in fond terms. Alls well that ends well, and the book ends with Lex and Silas laying down, basking in the sun happily, until their next adventure awaits them.


This summary was written for your convenience - Please feel free to comment away! :D

Thank you so much for reading! :D






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