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JULY 31st 2017

Hi! I'm Aero Zero.

I’m the creator, artist, designer, character designer, penciller, inker, cock inspector and monster wrangler of all MEN PLUS MONSTERS comics. I fulfill so many artist-designer roles on my personal comic book projects, that it was almost worth going to art school for.

But what do I do other than draw manly sexy men and beastly bara beasts swordfighting with flesh and steel? Since this is my first blog (really) I'd like to tell you a bit more about myself.

I live in Los Angeles with my two cats, Cinnamon Bread and Bread. I’m neurotic, so I have to cook everything I’m going to eat myself. I like to think I’m healthy, except when I get unexplainably sick, but you know, I try my best.

Though I consider myself an introvert, I also love walking wherever outdoors and gazing at the sky and being like, ‘The sky is a pretty color right now’ like the artsy asshole I am. Nature is beautiful and fun to be in. Not that there’s a ton of nature in LA, but you take what you can get!

However, I am still mostly a night person, and my typical day is like 12PM to 4AM because that’s when I get my best ideas (for some reason, I get my best ideas when everybody’s sleeping… ;) )

books and such

During the rare times where I’m not working on my drawings or work, I like to watch historical fiction movies that don’t try to teach me anything - 300, Gladiator, and the fantastic 2017 movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Okay, that last one is actually an epic fantasy, but you know what I mean.

My taste in books runs about the same gamut, with a little bit more inclination towards the scientific / scholarly, whatever you want to call that - I have a little collection of catalogue-type books about trees, birds, animals, space and various religious beliefs from all over the world. I have no idea why I like to read what are essentially dictionaries of things, but sometimes it’s refreshing.

I don't read that many comic books, but I do own a few books that collect newspaper comic strips from my childhood. Gary Larson’s Prehistory of the Far Side has a special place in my heart, and whenever I draw fan art I think ( of his comment on drawing Rocky the Flying Squirrel - ‘Once you draw him right, you can never draw him right again’.

Some fantasy is good. I recently re-read and really love the book version of Howl’s Moving Castle, because it’s like the opposite side of the movie, focusing more on Howl’s relationships rather than the war. I guess I would put fantasy as my second favorite genre. Except when you’ve spent two years slogging through the Lord of the Rings books and you just!! Want to get on with the story and!! Not how many fucking elvish names can Tolkien fit in this chapter, FUCK!!!


The other rare bits of time where I’m not working, I like to play video games - sexy RPG games, like Final Fantasy XV, which is probably one of my top five favorite games ever. Seriously, the story is simple, but engaging, and it's mostly you hanging out with your bros. Your chocobros. There's the muscular protective one (Gladio), the cute glasses one (Ignis), and the small annoying one--I mean, Prompto.

You play as sleepy-cute prince Noctis, arguably the poster boy for 'don't judge a book by it's cover' protagonists because he's much more charming and much less Sasuke than his all-black outfits and feathered hair suggest. This game is big, too. I’ve been playing FFXV for 4 months now, and I haven’t completed it - look, Episode Gladio shouldn’t have included the photo mode!! lol.

Speaking of photos, A+++ best feature in this game. I'm a little obsessed with getting good shots of my favorites, lmao. I mean, I have so many photos of Cor, you can always pinpoint the exact moment his heart sinks because he realizes I'm taking photos yet again.

Cor is obviously Best Boy in that game, but if you had to make me choose between the chocobros it has to be Ignis. He can cook, he has glasses, and he’ll treat you right, lmao. Sorry Gladio, but you had a whole DLC to fix my standing with you and you fffFUCKED it up! When Prompto beats you at having an enjoyable fighting system, arguably the only thing Gladio’s story could possibly be good at, you know you’ve hecked up.

There’s other stuff I play too. I REALLY love Skyrim and the Sims 3 (even this many years after they’ve come out!). It’s a wonder what mods can do for a game. That, and I’m just THAT slow at finding new places because I don’t get to play a lot.

Also: Fuck Skyrim's Dwarven ruins, especially the ones in the Dragonborn DLC. They're responsible for me taking long breaks from the game, lmao.

"""fine art"""

Though I love video games and books and such, art was always the calling I answered. Sorry clarinet. LMAO

As people are aware, I have a love of getting in as much color as I can, along with lots of details. I’m here to say, you won’t learn that in art school. At least, not where I went, as it focused on traditional media, and my personal focus was on painted landscapes. So I consider my digital art skill completely self taught. Here’s my first crappy digital art piece from 2011 of poor Osric as proof:

Now, this drawing was so shitty, I cried after I drew it, blamed the tablet (not my own crappy skill level) and returned the tablet instantly.

One stubborn year later I picked up a similarly cheap tablet and pushed myself to learn digital art, for my own sake. It totally wasn’t because I had a vision of Xerxes, the most handsome character ever, ever since I made him in 2009 and I wanted to do him justice one day!! It’s not weird!! Okay it was weird I’ve had a crush on him since I started college but hey. It was art school, everyone was weird.

Art school gets a bad rep because art is perceived as one of the least useful things to go to school for, and understandably so. Most people who graduate art school usually get jobs doing everything EXCEPT art. Luckily, I was able to get my first gig out of college as a freelance colorist for a totally shitty comic book - you know the kind, the old-ass-He-Man-art-style kind. Yes, they still pay people to draw and color like that. And yes, each new page brought me joy in all the new Liefeldian things I could color this time.

back to the present

And it all comes back to comic art. There have been several branching paths in my life where if I had focused here or accepted this offer there, I could have been a writer, musician in an orchestra, or even an actor. But I kind of like the challenge of what I do now, and it’s been quite a ride getting here, lol.

So I’m taking the advice my mother gave me when I was 9 years old and I asked her “What should I be when I get older: A writer or a stripper?” Without hesitation, my mother said: “Be a writer - nobody wants to see an old stripper”.

I guess that’s what I’m doing now. I’m glad, lmao.






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